The Life Saving Awards Research Society
Journal No.63
Sea Gallantry Medal – Lusitania
The following information was posted on the Liverpool Maritime Museum’s website.
This medal was awarded to 18 year old Able Seaman Leslie
Morton (illustration right) for saving many lives after the
Lusitania sinking. Morton, from Birkenhead, was a lookout on
the starboard bow of the ship and the first man to spot the
torpedo(es) moving towards her. Having raised the alarm he
helped lower several lifeboats, then he and another crewman,
Joseph Parry, used a collapsible lifeboat to rescue about 100
survivors from the sea.
Morton was widely considered to be
‘the outstanding hero’ of the disaster,
and was a key witness in the
subsequent British enquiry.
Throughout his life he insisted that he saw two torpedoes
approaching Lusitania , not one, which was the generally
accepted British and German view. His older brother and fellow
Able Seaman John Clifford Morton (illustrated left) also
survived the Lusitania sinking and rescued many people from
the sea.
The medal is the gift of Pamela A Morton and John Morton
Ackroyd, 2006.
* * * * *