Founded in 1839, it's aims are summed up in it's title.

Approximately 600 medals have been awarded, for gallantry, since 1851 (in gold and silver). The main changes in the design is that up to about 1856 it had a straight bar suspender and after that date the suspension was mainly altered by the addition of two dolphins. A smaller base metal membership token was issued on a yearly basis.

The SFMRBS has nearly all the citations, and the following have been published in the Life Saving Awards Research Society Journal, and more will doubtless follow:

Journal 30 citations for 1851 to 1859

Journal 31 citations for 1861 to 1869

Journal 32 citations for 1870 to 1879

Journal 33 citations for 1880 to 1888

 A more detailed description appears in the Life Saving Awards Research Society journals - 4 and 30.

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