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Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society's Marine Medal (Type 3 from 1873)

The Society was founded in 1839 following a hurricane that wreaked havoc in the Irish Channel and the Mersey area on 7th/8th January 1839. There were no funds available to aid the unfortunate victims of what was said to have been the first hurricane ever met in the area. A public meeting was held and monies were raised to assist the unfortunate victims and to reward the heroes.

The medals and awards of the Society cover three main areas: Marine, Fire, and General. Other awards include the Camp and Villaverde Medal, the Bramley-Moore Medal, both being alternative marine awards, and there are also parchments, certificates and a variety of objects including watches, clocks, barometers etc. Life-Saving proficiency medals and awards are also given.

Research Enquiries

All enquires should be in writing to the address shown on the "Some useful contacts and links" section of the LSARS main page. When writing please include as much detail as possible about the award of which you are enquiring and ensure that you include a stamped, self addressed envelope for the reply. The Society will respond to e-mail enquiries but only to confirm whether they have information availabale for you. You will still need to follow up with a written request, referencing the email.

At present there is no fixed fee for enquiries but a donation of at least 10 towards the Society's costs is suggested with the written enquiry.

Marine Medal

Designed by William Wyon and was the basis of the series. The first Marine Medal was in fact a medallion 56mm in diameter in 1844.

The next type was a large oval medal with an ornate Liver Bird suspension, to the same basic design. Issuance commenced in 1867 this design was only in use for a limited period. Ribbon dark blue.

The next series of types altered quite radically to a normal medal shape of approximately 38mm.

Camp & Villaverde Medal

Established in 1872. 37 silver medals issued, 8 in bronze. Ribbon dark blue.

See Life Saving Awards Research Society, No. 30 for full details.

Bramley-Moore Medal

Established in 1872. Issuance - Gold 1; Silver 20; Bronze 18. Ribbon dark blue.

For full details see Life Saving Awards Research Society Journal, No. 33.

Swimming and Life Saving Medal

Established in 1885. Competed for annually by each School or Institution and to be held in baths by the Principals and the Authority appointed by the Society. Each School may enter not less than six pupils who have already gained the Bronze Medallion of the Royal Life Saving Society. Ribbon - equal stripes blue/white/blue/white/blue.

Fire Medal

Founded in 1882 and based on painting by (Sir John Everett Millais, (1829-1896) president of the Royal Academy, representing a fireman in the act of rescuing children from the staircase of a house on fire. The picture was in the possession of Holbrook Gaskell, of Woolton Wood, Much Woolton, who allowed its use for this purpose. Ribbon red.

General Medal

Instituted in 1894 for cases of bravery on land. The Medal was instituted as for some time the Society had experienced difficulty in providing suitable awards for saving life in the cases where the Marine and Fire medals were not appropriate. The ribbon is equal stripes - red/white/red/white/red.

"In Memoriam Medallion"

Was given to the next of kin of those brave people who have been brought to the notice of the Society as having lost their lives in attempting to save the lives of others.

Similar to the first type Marine Medallion. Framed, glazed and frosted. Details of the attempt were engraved on the framing band. 50 issued.

See Life Saving Awards Journal, No. 26 for full details.

The above was taken from the Annual Report of the Society.

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